Dawn Williams VenuHub
Photo: From the Hip Photo

A seasoned event professional with over 30 years experience, Founder Dawn Williams, is the epitome of collaboration and finds happiness being hospitable along with event industry folks of Colorado. She’s an active and enthusiastic community leader, and has become the de facto “matchmaker” of Colorado’s event industry, connecting venue directors, event planners, and executive assistants with qualified venues, vendors and more.

“There are many venue directories where an event host can sort through gorgeous photos, fill out a form and then wait to hear back from the venue. VenuHub is unique in that it was built with a reverse search mentality to save time and energy for all. I believe that if someone is planning an event and the date is firm, there is no reason to search for a venue if it’s already booked. This could be a huge gala or an intimate boutique wedding – either way, VenuHub takes the most important information (date, locale, guest count and budget) and instantly sends that information to appropriate venues,” says Williams. “Clients have a free service & only hear back from those that can help and that is a win-win!”

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