Hello 2023…

We are rolling into a new year and while the weather, economy and future sometimes feels unpredictable – one thing for certain – y’all are having events of all types.

Conferences are in full swing, construction on the additions to the Colorado Convention Center is underway, new venues continue to come on line and 2023 promises to be full of weddings of all sizes.

November & Beyond 2022

Word on the street is that we thought August would be a busy month. It was. Then the same for September. And October. And you guessed it, November looks like a record breaking month for many venues, DJ’s and rental companies (just to name a few). Here at VenuHub we have seen more leads than ever before and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

If you are reading this and you’re a client, customer, consumer, planner, host or guest – know that your patience is appreciated by every single human in the event industry. If you’re on the event service side of things – hang in there and do your best – sometimes people will have to wait and sometimes you won’t be able to create a magical event in two days, and have to say, sorry – not this time.

Here are a few new comers to the industry (or to us) to check out! And don’t forgot about our big old list of Colorado’s Best Vendors!

FETCH, Mobile Dog Photography 

The Sweet Cart

Bella Macarons & Coffee Shop

Ignite Experiences

Canine University

Private Chef – Eric Vollono

Visionwork Group’s LED Poster Panel Wall

Hello Summer

It would appear that events ‘are back’…from festivals to food events, weddings to graduations and meetings and conventions. Venue leaders are busy replying to new inquiries, managing galas and fundraisers and here in Colorado – we are in that strange season with weather that could be 90 degrees one day and a snowstorm the next.

New members that we would like to give a warm welcome to are:

STEM Ciders two venues – Lafayette, CO & Denver, CO

Hotel Boulderado Boulder, CO

The Rose Golden, CO

April Feels Different

After the busiest March we have ever seen as far as industry gatherings, venue & vendor showcases, networking events, the Meetings Industry Council, Colorado Restaurant & Bar Show, Colorado Event Alliances’ Fun-Raiser & Celebration, did we say Networking Events, lunches, dinners, coffees, MiHi Entertainments Feel Famous Event and so much more — we are charging into April knowing that summer is around the corner (queue the wedding season). We are seeing more weddings then, well, since 1984. 

Our prediction for Fall 2022 is off the rails busy, with non-profits, educational seminars and corporate events in the hopper. This feels really good to our industry! This feels like a good time to mention that budgets for events shouldn’t be going down during this time. Things are more expensive, labor is a huge factor, energy, safety and operational costs have gone up, and we ask that guests and planners consider this when planning.

Be patient and kind with your event & hospitality friends – we’ve had a whirlwind in our lives for the past two years. While some industries thrived and moved to a work at home model – we waited, we lobbied for our industries, we supported each other; some hustled and got through, while others left for new adventures.

And two little shout outs…

Visit our pals at Spotlight Colorado and check out the featured venue from our fam!

AWAKE Denver is a vibe all in itself – coffee, non-boozy space & they cater & they have a huge, and we mean huge, alcohol-free collection for consumers to buy in person or online.


Meetings Industry Council 2022

From every one of our venue members & vendor friendors – we say thanks for your support and giving the site a try in 2022 and beyond!

On a personal note, Dawn would like to send a heartfelt thank you to each and everyone who helped make this special booth & day come to life! Onward & upward!

AEG Presents

BOSS Printing 

Event Rents Denver, Aspen & Vail and Phoenix too!

Hotel Teatro

Imprint Group

Kinsley Meetings

Little Eden Plantscaping

MiHi Entertainment


The Hangar at Stanley Marketplace

The Strike Crew

March News

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Want to support our live event pros in Colorado who are in financial need? The Colorado Event Alliance is an incredible nonprofit providing financial support and industry advocacy. Every dollar donated goes directly to providing assistance to those in the special event industry who experience a hardship or are in need of support. VenuHub and our members are very proud of this important work being done since 2020.

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