Let’s go venue fishing!

Yes, fish for your venue in our land-locked state. Ok – it’s an analogy – VenuHub is a site where you cast a big net for your venue with a big focus on the date, size and location. You will hear back from a few or many – so be ready. The more regions you select, the more emails you shall receive.

Helpful Hint: Reply back to everyone to let them know you are interested or not – time is so valuable right now.

It’s meant to be a planners dream – a pool of curated, trusted and varied venues who all work together to help an event planner find the perfect spot for any event. With 450 individual spaces, 180 humans behind those spaces, ranging from sport stadiums to museums; art galleries to entertainment venues; clubs, restaurants and ranches; and airline hangars to ballrooms – there is seriously a space for every type of event.

Here is the form to your venue search

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