We often hear, “but you all are so nice, this would never happen in _____ (city).” Colorado is full of beautiful spots, nature galore, and loads of sunshine days – but it’s the beautiful partnerships and event family members that are really magical. Here are a few to check out!

Denver Art Museum’s Sturm Grand Pavilion is one of the newest spots in Denver and not to be missed. Located on the second level of the Sie Welcome Center, this space feels like you are living your best life in a fluted glass. Think of this glass façade with provides sweeping views of downtown and nearby architectural gems, including the Martin and Hamilton Buildings. Gala, wedding or large reception!

Event Rents  serving the front range area and mountains and continuously on trend with friendly, timely and reliable service to boot!

The Olive & Poppy where every event is an opportunity for new botanical pairings. Love this, right?

FREIGHT Leadville + S.L.umber Yard is an event space and lodging grounded in the story of Leadville’s gritty mining history while engaging its adventurous and spirited future. Set in the rustic industrial space of a 135-year old train freight depot, FREIGHT is an architects dream and way up high in the hills!

FROM THE HIP PHOTO photos for all of the special moments in our lives including commercial photos.

The Gala Team Fundraising benefit auctioneers and services where fundraising success isn’t an accident; it’s a series of deliberate decisions.